Our Story

Turning Our Vision into a Successful Platform

The Canham Energy founders came together in 2016 with a dedication to honesty and transparency. We believed that lowering the barriers to invest directly in oil and gas would yield demand worldwide.

We had seen the bombastic sales pitches, the opaque corporate investments, and the high bar to entry that prevented everyday investors from taking advantage of one of the greatest creators of wealth over the last century.

We set out to create a transparent, open-communication, highly vetted energy investment portal that was easy for investors to use. Each founder brought a set of skills – expertise in tax deduction laws, the oil and gas industry, business or technology – that made Canham Energy’ platform quickly successful.

Canham Energy targets investments in five areas:
   - Upstream
   - International Upstream Services
   - Engineering & Infrastructure Services
   - Energy Transition & Technology
   - Storage & Logistics

Presentation of Canham Energy company

Canham Energy Pillars


    We clearly showcase our investment review process – how we find, examine and select only the best energy projects. We make complex oil and gas and energy projects understandable for our investors. We transparently share project and investment details so investors have confidence in our brand and in their investments.


    We make it easy to invest in energy at many levels. We do all the work of vetting opportunities so you don’t have to do as much. You can invest in multiple projects – all in one place with Canham Energy – to diversify your opportunities and risks.


    We believe in both energy and investment innovation. We’re the premier platform for crowdfunded energy projects, and we support new ideas in the energy industry. Together, we fuel sustainable investments and a sustainable.


    We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Our professionals, each with years of industry experience, scrutinize each investment. We carefully vet opportunities to determine which are the most advantageous for investors.