Proof of Withdrawal and deposit

New bonus contest - Get a reward for your proof of witdrawal or deposit!

Our company continues pleasing its partners and investors with new surprises. To make our work together more interesting and exciting, it’s been decided by Canham Energy to hold a new bonus contest.

If you manage to send us screenshots of withdrawals or deposits made on our platform, you will get a bonus of 3% of the amount of the transaction. This bonus can double to 6% if the proof is a live recorded video.

*The amount of the proof must be higher than $100*
*The proof must be sent to this address email:*

This possibility is available for all our partners and investors.

  • Proof of withdrawal
  • Proof of deposit
  • Live video withdraw
  • Live video deposit

    Live proof of withdrawal of $591

    Live proof of deposit of $1500